You may have money sitting as next
of kin to an estate, trust,  stock,
bond, bank account or other assets
that if not claimed will be sold by the
probate courts and the funds from
the asset will diminish in attorney's

In cases like this the only person
that benefits from your relatives
death is the attorney and the local
county courts.

REMEMBER Aunt Lillie? The family
fell apart after her death, fussing
over who was in the will and who
wasn't. The family was sure she had
a will, she said she gave it to an
attorney, who is that attorney?

The family may never know if he was
outside of the county where she
died, but they could have known if
Aunt Lillie had listed her heirs and
the contact information to the
attorney holding her will
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"Linking Heirs to Inheritances"
Are You In My Will?

    WE ARE... Helping families find wealth before it is too
    late and helping courts to find families whose money they
    hold due to a loved ones death with or without a will.

  • We are-A central place for courts, attorneys and trustees to give public
    notification to heirs and potential beneficiaries who may not live in the
    county.  Also a place to search for updated information to beneficiaries
    whom they have not made contact with.   This  gives relatives an
    opportunity to find the information needed to timely claim the assets of
    their deceased love one.

  • We are-A place to acknowledge heirs, beneficiaries listed in a will or
    attached to a asset. By searching a person can see if they have interest
    in an estate as listed in our database, results will reveal information
    verifying their interest, but other information identifying the testator will
    remain private until after the testators death.

  • We are-A centralized global place to post notices of probated estates,
    deaths and a place to expand notification to family members beyond the
    local county's reach where the required notification is mandated.  

    We provide  probate information so that these heirs may contact the courts
    to make a claim for their potential inheritance.

    Information listed here is especially useful for petitions of administration
    where a petitioner claims the heirs listed or not in a "Will" can not be
    notified, because their whereabouts are unknown.
    Are you in my will provides links to heir information so
    that relatives, friends or other loved ones may claim an
    inheritance as a beneficiary or next of kin to an estate, from
    the comfort of their homes.
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with or without wills
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assets or money from
converted assets!

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